You’d think two bestselling crime writers would just talk about crime, right? Not these ones. Sit back and enjoy fun, frolics and laughs. After all, what’s more lighthearted than murder?

December 4, 2020

Mug of an old man

Did Bob have a good time being a movie star in Latvia? How many Covid tests has he had? And how will Adam cope with being left on his own when Bob does a disappearing act halfway through the episode?

To find out the answers and a whole lot more, listen to the latest episode of Partners in Crime with Adam Croft and Robert Daws.

Adam tells us how an Edinburgh dog shop owner became a published author after being discovered by Stephen King, Bob talks about a Channel 5 drama on the life of Agatha Christie and he also recommends a Julius Green book.

We hear about black Jewish novelist Walter Mosely being honored with a lifetime achievement award, viewers on Patreon can see Adam showing off his limited edition anniversary hardback version of Her Last Tomorrow (see below if you want to get one), which leads to our hosts comparing the sounds of paperback and hardback books. It's more interesting than it sounds, honest.

~ Moriarty ~



Her Last Tomorrow - Limited edition anniversary hardback by Adam Croft

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Agatha Christie: A Life in Theatre: Curtain Up by Julius Green



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