You’d think two bestselling crime writers would just talk about crime, right? Not these ones. Sit back and enjoy fun, frolics and laughs. After all, what’s more lighthearted than murder?

December 6, 2019

A Gobby Crime Writer and a Vagabond of the Road

Are all bald crime writers gobby and succinct? Is a true crime not a true crime when its a podcast? Why has Bob never been to Newcastle until now and did the Partners In Crime predict the Bad Sex in Fiction Award winner? 

Adam Croft and returning host Bob Daws answer these pressing crime related questions on the latest episode.  

*Spoiler for the last question: yes they did. John Harvey’s Pax was Joint winner of the Bad Sex in Fiction Award with Didier Decoin.*

Bob is back from being a travelling actor – sorry – vagabond of the road, for now at least. To celebrate, he uses his impressive acting talents on John Harvey’s entry in the Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Brace yourselves listeners, this rendition is not to be missed. 

Adam has his OCD tendencies exposed and also realises that he has much in common with James Ellroy.

Also discussed are Sky Crime’s The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, Martin Scorsese’s Netflix crime drama, The Irishman and True-Crime Podcast Angel of Vine.

~ Moriarty ~


The Understudy by Sophie Hannah, Clare Mackintosh, B A Paris, Holly Brown

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