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094 – Does Lynda La Plante like pizza?

Is Partners in Crime on Britbox? When did Liz Hurley become a bookseller? Will Lynda La Plante make it to Adrian’s birthday and is cosy the new black?

Adam Croft and Adrian Hobart ask more of these questions than they answer in the latest episode.

They also discuss the death of Clive Cussler (and his knowledge of shipwrecks), Martin Edwards’ Diamond Dagger, 2020’s hottest TV genre, Jo Nesbø avoiding his fans, The Hurricane Tapes and whether independent authors can make a living,

You’ll also find out where Adrian likes to holiday and Adam reminds us that he has a new book out.

~ Moriarty ~


The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude


Buried in the Country by Carola Dunn


Closer To You by Adam Croft 


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