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085 – Lorne Sausage, Memories of Jeffrey Archer and Lee Child’s Brexit Intervention

Is it insulting to compare a crime to a Jeffrey Archer novel? Would Culverhouse like Adam? Should straight men be able to write queer characters and where’s the best barbecue in Georgia? 

Adam Croft and regular guest presenter Adrian Hobart do their best to answer these pressing crime related questions in the latest episode.

Adrian has been checking out greasy spoons while his sons do parkrun. Stay tuned for the first instalment of Adrian Hobart’s Restaurant Recommendations.

Meanwhile Adam has been scouring the crime news headlines for stories to talk about. He gives a rundown of the best crime fiction from Georgia, tells us why Lee Child is applying for an Irish passport and what new TV show Harrison Ford is appearing in. One of his stories sparks memories of a close encounter with Jeffrey Archer for Adrian.

~ Moriarty ~


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