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083 – Condoning Murder, Sordid Radio Tales and Feeling Bob’s Presence

Adrian is here again this week. Adam talks about the process of writing his new book, Absolution which came out this week. It’s a political thriller which echoes real events, perhaps more closely than he was happy with. This segues nicely into a news story about whether politicians have been watching true crime – or reading crime fiction. They also talk about whether or not crime writers approve of murder and answer – in great detail – their least favourite question: where do you get your ideas from? Bob may be away, but his presence is felt when his star turn in Alan Ayckbourn’s Ten Times Table is discussed. Stay tuned until the end of the episode where Adrian opens the door on the shocking goings on behind the scenes in the radio industry.

~ Moriarty ~

“Adrian’s” recommendation 
Absolution by Adam Croft and Steven Moore https://www.kobo.com/ebook/absolution-95

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