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Month: February 2018

005 – Mark Billingham

Worldwide bestselling author Mark Billingham speaks to us about the hugely successful Tom Thorne books, being in a band with Val McDermid and getting kidnapped and held hostage in a Manchester hotel room.


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004 – Roger Simonsz

Director and cinematographer Roger Simonsz speaks to us from his home in France about directing the hit crime drama series Spiral and shoving Bob out of a window on the set of Death in Paradise.



003 – Hugh Fraser

Crime thriller author and actor Hugh Fraser talks to us about playing Captain Hastings in the TV series Poirot, his gripping series of books and how he came to write the theme tune for a popular children’s TV series.

002 – Dreda Say Mitchell

Bestselling gritty crime author Dreda Say Mitchell talks to us about her background growing up in the East End of London, the struggles she encountered becoming a writer and having her books adapted by Hollywood.

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